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New Saddles - Just Arrived!

A page of new saddles!  We thought you might like to see some of the new saddles that we just received into stock.  Check them out and see if there is something you are looking for!  Call or email us with questions or if you would like more pictures of a particular saddle. 

You will see some NEW saddles here with our own private label makers mark "Riata West" and "Star of Texas".  These saddles are not only high quality workmanship but are made with high quality materials and have exceptional hand carving and stamping.  If there is a particular style you like but it is not shown in your seat size, give us a call and we will order it for you! 

If you don't see your seat size or the particular saddle you are looking for here, give us a call and we'll see if it is in inventory with the manufacturer!




NEW 14" Circle Y Lisa Lockhart #1549 Contender Barrel Saddle on a wide Flex 2 tree.  This is a beautiful new saddle in antique mahogany, with spider stamp tooling, antique brass dots and conchos and a chocolate faux elephant seat.  It features in-skirt C rigging, a horn with 3" neck and a 1 3/4" cap, 13" swell, 4 1/2" cantle, and a 13 1/2" deep by 24" long skirt.  The Neo-Shock skirt absorbs shock through the neoprene filler and conforms to the horse's back for comfort.  The roughout seat jockeys, fenders, and suede seat provide grip and the pre-set fenders reduce joint fatigue.  It weighs approximately 26 lbs.  Ready for the arena!


$2,175.00 plus shipping

NEW 14" Model 4289-1 C11 Charmayne James Barrel saddle by Reinsman.  This saddle is a 1/2 combo - Arizona/Snowflake tooling pattern in the Old West color with a braid border, copper and silver flower conchos, toast daisy print suede seat, aluminum stirrups, and matching flank cinch set.  It is on a wide CJ Barrel tree with a 7/8 in-skirt C rigging.  The swell width is 13", skirt 30", 4" cantle height, a 3 1/2" tall horn with a 2" cap and weights approximately 30 lbs.  An absolutely beautiful saddle with angle cut skirt!  Ready for the arena!

$2,225.00 plus shipping


NEW 14" Marlene McRae 4245 Special Effx barrel saddle by Reinsman.  This model 4245 features the Old West color in a 1/2 California Flower and rough out jockey and fender with a  chocolate printed suede star seat, a pencil role 4" cantle, square skirt and antique stainless slotted conchos.  It has a 7/8 in-skirt c rigging, is on a wide tree with 7" gullet, 13" swell width, 25" skirt, a horn with 3 1/2" neck and 2" cap, aluminum stirrups, and matching flank set.  It weighs approximately 27 lbs.  This is a beautiful saddle, handcrafted in Texas, that you will be proud to own!

$2,399.00 plus shipping


NEW 16" "Star of Texas" Ranch saddle from Greenville, Texas, on a Will James rawhide covered wood tree with 14" swell, a 6 3/4" gullet width and with a 4 1/2" stand up cantle.  It is a 1/4 breed style with hand stamped basket rear housings and front, with roughout fenders and skirt and a barbwire border.  This saddle has a nice skirt cut out with good fender movement and rawhide covered overshoe style stirrups. This saddle has been in the trailer at a few shows and is now sale priced.  Great quality at a great price!

$1,395.00 plus shipping

SALE PRICED $1,195.00

NEW 13" Charmayne James C11 Barrel Saddle by Reinsman.  This is the 4286 model in a dark oil 7/8 Diamond Waffle stamp pattern on a wide tree.  It features the angled corners, white buckstitching, rough out jockey, and a full quilted chocolate suede seat, 3 1/2" leather wrapped horn with a 1 3/4" cap, a rawhide silver laced cantle, and aluminum stirrups with rubber tread.  The skirt is 25" long and the saddle weighs approximately 30 lbs.  It's ready for the arena!

$2,350.00 plus shipping



14" Lisa Lockhart Fast and Furious Barrel saddle by Circle Y(1544-7404-05).  This saddle is made on the Flex 2 wide tree.  It features in-skirt rigging, floral tooling with silver star conchos and spots, a chocolate suede seat with star cut out on croc print inlay, and regular oil finish.  It has a 4 1/2" cantle, 13" swell and weighs approximatley 24 lbs. 

$1,999.00 plus shipping - this is at 2013 inventory price! 




NEW 14" Molly Powell X-Treme Barrel saddle by Reinsman.  This saddle features a wood fiberglass covered tree, 6 1/2" gullet, 12 1/2" swell, 4" cantle height, close contact, in-skirt rigging.  It has a pop stitched black embossed suede seat, spots on the cantle and weighs about 27 lbs. 


$1,975.00 plus shipping






NEW 14" High Horse Proven Aurora Barrel Saddle by Circle Y #6215-K404-05.  This saddle has a ralide tree with wide gullet, chocolate suede seat with Khaki cross croc print inlay and features the hip hugger roll in the seat designed to help the rider stay secure and in position during tight turns.

$995.00 plus shipping


SOLD - But pick your seat size and give us a call

NEW 14 1/2" Marlene McRae Special Effx barrel saddle model 4241 by Reinsman.  This standard model 4241 features the rounded skirt, Old West leather color, a black suede star seat, silver laced rawhide cantle, dots and antique conchos.  It is a 1/2 Snowflake stamp tooling pattern with the roughout jockey and fenders.  It comes complete with matching flank set and aluminum stirrups.  A great saddle for you and your horse!

$2,199.00 plus shipping




14 1/2" Circle Y #1310 "Fisher" treeless barrel saddle.  Designed by Tammy Fisher, this saddle is for the rider that likes a deep secure seat.  It features an upright swell and 5" cantle.  This treeless design does not restrict movement and comfort but allows close contact between horse and rider.  The skirts are fleece lined neoprene which distribute weight, absorb shock and are flexible - bending with the horse in turns.  The stirrup leathers are forward hung which provide the rider with flexibilty in the stirrups and keep your feet from getting behind you.  This saddle has floral tooling, crystal border and a black suede seat with inlayed hearts.

$1,795.00 plus shipping





NEW 15 1/2" Star of Texas Working Cowhorse saddle on a rawhide covered wood tree.  This saddle has a mini-basket stamp pattern, hard rough-out seat, skirt dee ring slots, premium acrylic fleece lining, and saddle strings.  A great riding seat and a lot of fender movement with close contact comfort!


ONLY $1,295.00 plus shipping




NEW 16" "Star of Texas" Working Cowhorse saddle from Greenville, Texas, on a rawhide covered wood tree.  This saddle has a nice narrow roughout seat with a hand stamped small snake border on the smooth back housing and skirt.  It has an in-skirt rig, premium quality acrylic fleece lining and aluminum flat bottom stirrups.  This saddle has also been in the trailer at a few shows and is sale priced.  Another great quality saddle at a great price - don't miss out!  Ready to go to work~

$1,395.00 plus shipping

SALE PRICED at $1,195.00 plus shipping





16" Lone Pine Flex2 (#1666) Trail Saddle by Circle Y.  This saddle features the close contact skirt, frosted bead conchos, Impact Foam seat for comfortable all day riding, 5" cantle for security and back support, 3-way inskirt rigging, and ErgoBalance stirrups to decrease knee and ankle fatigue and promote balanced riding.  The Flex2 saddles conform to the horses back, have shock absorbing neoprene filler on the skirts and are built for fit, weight and comfort for the horse and rider.  It is the regular finish in a wide tree. 

Ready to ride!

ONLY $1,799.00 plus shipping




NEW 16" Circle Y (#1344) Wade Rancher saddle with flat plate rig.  This saddle has a smooth finish hard seat with a hand stamped camo border, saddle strings, and rawhide covered stirrups.  It is made on a wood tree with fiberglass cover and a five year warranty, has a 5" cantle and a 4 1/2" horn.  The saddle is lined with premium quality acrylic fleece and has a wide gullet.

$1,495.00 plus shipping






NEW 16" Working Cowhorse Saddle with a hand-stamped spider half breed finish.  This saddle is on a Buster Welch style ranch tree with a 6 3/4" gullet and 3" cantle.  The saddle has a hard seat, heavy oil finish, saddle strings, acrylic fleece lining and engraved aluminum stirrups.  The tree is rawhide covered wood and has a 5-year warranty.  The close contact skirt cut out allows this saddle to have great fender movement.  It is marked "Star of Texas" and is made in a small shop in Greenville, Texas. 


ONLY $1,395.00 plus shipping




NEW 17" Circle Y (#1389) Working Cowhorse saddle on a lifetime warranted XP tree (BW Ranch Cutter).  This is a halfbreed style with roughout fenders and a hand stamped diamond waffle pattern.  The saddle has an in-skirt C rig, premium acrylic fleece lining and aluminum flat bottom stirrups.  It has a narrow comfortable seat and is ready to break in.

$1,495.00 plus shipping