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Marlene McRae Special Effx Barrel Saddles by Cactus Saddlery

All of the products are hand made and hand tooled in the Cactus Saddlery factory in Greenville, Texas, so you know you are getting the finest quality products available made right here in the USA.  We are proud to offer the Special Effx saddles made for Marlene McRae, a Barrel Racing World Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist.  This page will show you some of the options available on a made to order saddle.  Please check NEW Saddles page for instock saddles.

Tree:  Special Effx

Gullet Height:  7 3/4"

Gullet Width:  7”

Cantle Height:  4”

Seat Sizes:  13”, 13.5”, 14”, 14.5”, 15”, 15.5”

Other Saddle Features:  Close Contact Cut-Out Skirts, Hermann Oak Leather, Stainless Steel Hardware, Custom Marlene McRae Conchos, and carpet covered 5/8" closed cell foam padded skirting



The Special Effx Tree conforms naturally to the horse's back and continues to conform as the horse moves.  The cantle, seat, swells and horn are all perfectly balanced to give the rider the support and proper positioning that are necessary to be comfortable and win!  The saddle skirts are lined with 5/8" closed cell foam and carpeting.  This will allow the saddle to break in easily and adhere to the saddle pad.



Marlene 100 

Scalloped Skirt

$2,800.00 as shown

Full Tooled Acorn Oak, Wild Stingray Bicycle Seat with spider web print

(This is an example only of the options available - see New or Used Saddles pages for instock saddles - or - order this one in your seat size)



Marlene 200

Square Skirt

$2,200.00 as shown

Full smooth machine stitch seat, 1/2 Combo basket with Texas Rose corners, and Snake border

(This is an example only of the options available - see New or Used Saddles page for instock saddles - OR - order this one in your seat size)


Marlene 300

Butterfly Skirt

$2,550.00 as shown

7/8 Combo Tooled Snowflake with Tyler Rose Corners and Full Quill Ostrich Bicycle Seat

(This is an example only of options available - see New or Used Saddles pages for instock saddles - OR - place an order on this in your seat size)


     Saddle Order Options

Seat Shapes and Stitching

Seat Materials & Colors




Exotic Stingray


Border Patterns

                                                        Barbwire            Camoflage            Snake               Swivel               Rope

                                                         Mini Snake       Cross Snake           Braid                Boomerang         Buck Stitch

Stamp Patterns

                                                             Basket Stamp       Mini Basket Stamp          Spider              Snowflake

                                                                                           Waffle                     Diamond Waffle

  Floral Patterns

                                                              Celeste                Acorn Oak                    Lily                Colorado

                                                                                           Poppy                   Daisy

                                                                            Texas Rose            Caddo Rose            Tyler Rose


Includes - Aluminum stirrups with treads, Full flank cinch and billets, Leather tie strap and off billet, Custom Marlene McRae conchos, Leather overlay silver laced rawhide cantle, and choice of full or bicycle seat.

Base price for a full smooth leather or rough out saddle is $2,000.00



$2100.00      1/2 Stamped

$2150.00      1/2 Combo

                    (Stamped with floral corners)

$2250.00      1/2 Floral





$2200.00      7/8 Stamped

$2250.00      7/8 Combo

                    (Stamped with floral corners)

$2350.00      7/8 Floral





$2300.00      Full Stamped

$2350.00      Full Combo

                  (Stamped with floral corners)

$2450.00      Full Floral 


  Additional Options




Chestnut Leather 

Border Pattern


$  50.00

Pop-stitched Seat

$  50.00

Inlaid Seat


Full Dyed Background


Full Dots


Full Seat - Ostrich, Stingray, Gator or  Elephant


Bicycle Seat - Ostrich, Stingray, Gator or Elephant